Premiere – May 31st., 2018

Authorial theatre play about love, relationships and about the reasons why we are (not).
Love. Simple, twice-told, clichéd. But love can be fundamental and crucial – especially in today’s world. The right for love, emotional or physical, the right to have a relationship with somebody we choose, to feel the connection with close person belongs among the most basic rights; the rights that do not come for granted for everyone.
Authorial play speaks for itself, with its own words and gestures of actors – people who often see into the hearts in a much sharper way than one would suppose. Such insight necessarily demands inner liberation – the liberation that comes in the moment when we all stop thinking about the fact who has or has not the right for love, for the emotional experience and self-determination.
„Love. We all want it. We all need it. We all deserve it. In Divadlo z Pasáže we get it.“ (Steve Bailey)

Creative team:

Directed by: Steve Bailey [USA]
Assistent director: Eva Ogurčáková
Dramaturgy: Milan Zvada
Script: company members
Stage and costume design: Dušan Krnáč
Music: Peter Vaňouček
Choreography: Peter Vrťo
Light design: Ján Čief
Sound master: Dušan Ivan
Digital projection/video: Lucia Devečková, Hamza Makhchoune
Translators: Alena Marcineková, Juraj Skladaný
Narrators: Adriána Gandžalová, Andrej Polakovič, Matúš Petričko
Stage and costume making : Miroslava Zelníková
Assistance: Ľudmila Veverková
Production: Matúš Petričko, Zuzana Javorská

Starring: Lucia Krajčiová, Lýdia Rybárová, Michaela Ďuricová, Peter Hudec, Tomáš Debnár, Michal Daniš
In cooperation with: Dana Snopková, Miriam Kujanová, Ján Kinčeš, Marek Mojžiš, Ivan Blaško, Peter Gregor, Peter Darmo