Premiere – April 27th, 2017

Intricate play about dreams and (mis)understanding based on the motifs of the famous short story by Martin Kukučín.
Dedicated to all the Ondrášes and all the Lenovčans.
Shhhhhhh, ccc ccc ccc ccc, kuku, kuku, kuku, ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga, bzzzzzz…
Imagine a meadow. Got it?
And imagine Onráš Machuľa there. Got it?
He’s lying and dreaming. About the knights, about the dragons and princesses, about the never-never lands and fairy tales. Got it?
And there’s flies buzzing around his head. Got it?
That’s how it all begins.
But the dreams do not come true just like that. And the good often does not win over evil. Life is intricate. Sometimes the dragon can even marry the princess. And sometimes the princess doesn’t want to marry anybody.
And sometimes the words are not only the groups of vowels and consonants, that go in one ear and out the other. And the compassion and pity aren’t the same as empathy.
It all goes on this way.
How does it end? That is up to the actors and actresses of Divadlo z Pasáže.


Creative team:

Script and directed by: Monika Kováčová
Assistant director: Eva Ogurčáková
Stage and costume design: Ivana Macková
Music: Matej Háasz, Anna Tomaštíková
Stage and costume maker: Miroslava Zelníková
Light design: Ján Čief
Sound design: Dušan Ivan
Assistance: Ľudmila Veverková, Peter Vrťo
Production: Matúš Petričko, Zuzana Javorská, Eva Ogurčáková

Michal Daniš, Ján Kinčeš, Lucia Krajčiová, Miriam Kujanová, Lýdia Rybárová, Anna Tomaštíková