Premiere – 27th of october 2020

A performance based on the story of Mach and Šebestová by Miloš Macourek. Ordinary friends and a dog at an ordinary school, during an ordinary day, deal with ordinary issues in an unusual way, because the magical telephone receiver… It is just a wish. Be brave, keep your hearts open. Hoo-hoo!
The performance “As you wish“ is intended for children.It was created in a colorful and musical way suitable for elementary school children but all the other children will definitely love it too. It addresses the topics which children actually learn at school. The entire performance, inspiration for which we found in the book by Miloš Macourek, is set in the classroom. Mach and Šebestová are friends who have the opportunity to understand that life is magical even without magic.


Creative team:

Directed by: Monika Kováčová
Dramaturgy and assistance of director: Eva Ogurčáková
Stage and costume design: Ivana Macková
Music: Lukáš Kubičina
Choreography: Kristína Chmelíková
Light design: Ján Čief
Sound design and recording: Dušan Ivan
Stage and costume making : Miroslava Zelníková
Production: Matúš Petričko a Zuzana Javorská
Assistance: Anna Tomaštiková, Peter Vrťo,Ľudmila Veverková

Michal Daniš, Michaela Ďuricová, Ján Kinčeš, Lucia Krajčiová, Miriam Kujanová, Veronika Lačná,
assistant director Peter Hudec and voice of Eva Ogurčáková