City Theatre


Municipal Community Theatre which has been operating in Banská Bystrica since 1995. We are artists who have been creating professional theatre for 29 years. We, the actors, are referred to as the “people with intellectual disabilities“. And we in the organizational team are perceived as “crazy idealists“. Labels are not important to us – simply, togetherwe are unique in what we do. We work with joy and love for theatre and by means of our performances, we send messagesto the society. A visit to the theatre is an experience – our intention is that this experience encourages the spectator to think about their perception of the world, other people, and especially otherness…

A spectator who is remembering with love ...

I must not be afraid, for I don’t believe in dragons.
I must not be afraid, yet still have the wings sprinkled with down… (Viera Dubačová – About Popolvár as you may not know him)
The theatre, Divadlo z Pasáže, an idea clothed in reality, walks up their hill and down dale. At its beginning, there was Popolvár, ready to fearlessly search for good and evil in people. His path was tiled with all the world’s stage, with the people creating this world and the dreams which were fulfilling him. Today, Popolvár is as grey as the feathers that sprinkle Mojmo’s wings and I have become a spectator who is remembering with love and hugging her actors in her mind.

Viera Dubačová – founder of the theatre

The Theatre with soul...

Art, culture, sports, nature… These are all small but essential fragments that make Banská Bystrica a whole. However, the most important are the people living in the town. Combining the right personalities can create something unique.
For example, the theatre Divadlo z Pasáže. It is an institution with heart and joy. Full of positive energy which does not remain only inside the theatre. It passes on to the audience and tries to find its own way. It spreads across the town and I am proud that it is particularly our town. If you have already been to the theatre, come again. If not, it is worth changing it.

Ján Nosko – mayor of Banská Bystrica