International project ERASMUS + „Strength of Support

October 1th, 2018 – March 31st,  2020

Following partners also participate in the international project Erasmus+ so called „Strenght of support”: BI neigaliuju centras „Klaipedos lakštuté“ from Lithuania, Kynnys ry (The Treshold association) from Finland and Centrum spotkaň europejskich SWIATOWID from Poland. The goal of the project is to develop and strengthen the cooperation and human contacts among organisations and to improve the quality of life of the handicapped people in individual local communities. Each organisation has its unique experience in slightly different areas, so the exchange of experience and good practices can help to further develop its potential. The project will last 18 months, during which its partners visit the individual organisations, acquaint with the work of various institutions working in the given region, or they get the knowledge about the legislation in particular countries, its similarities and differences.

1st partners meeting: November 22nd- 24th 2018, Elbląg, Poland

PThe first get-to-know project partners meeting, where the representatives of the participating institutions met in person for the first time. Centrum spotkaň europejskich ŠWIATOWID was the hosting organisation of this meeting.
At this meeting we agreed on the rough dates of particular meetings, form and contents of our mutual communication during the duration of the project, we got acquainted with topics and areas in which the country is strong and with which we would like to get acquainted more at our meetings. Another part of the meeting was 12th International Art Meeting in Elbląg including gala opening of the exhibition of pictures of the active repertoire of Theatre Divadlo z Pasáže.

2nd partners meeting: March 25th - 29th 2019, Turku, Finland

Topic: Rights of adult handicapped people to education and social activities
The host organisation was Kynnys ry (The Treshold association).
Treshold Association is the organisation for people with various health disabilities. It concentrates on basic human rights of the handicapped people. It was founded by handicapped students in 1973. It is lead by people with various disabilities who introduce all sorts of individual activities. Treshold Association operates in order to guarantee the same rights of the handicapped people in the Finnish society and on the international level. Treshold Association supports and activates the handicapped people in order to advocate their rights, influences the authorities to take the needs of handicapped people into consideration when making decisions and also works as an expert in matters of handicapped people.
Treshold Association is a part of independent live movement and cooperates with handicapped people also on the international level.
Visits of various organisations and institutions including presentations, practical demonstrations and lectures was also a part of the meeting.

3th partners meeting: June 17th-21th 2019 Klaipéda, Lithuania

Topic: Alternative methods of communication
The host organisation was BI neigaliuju centras „Klaipedos lakštuté“.
Visits of various organisations and institutions including presentations, practical demonstrations and lectures was a part of the meeting together with the celebration of 20th anniversary of „Klaipedos lakštuté“ Center founding. One of the most interesting visits was the possibility to acquaint with the work of professionals and therapists in the area of dolphin therapy and to see live dolphins in the Lithuanian Sea Museum and Dolphinarium in Klaipéda.

4th partners meeting: September 23th-27th 2019 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Topic: Art therapy
The host organisation was City theatre – theatre DIVADLO Z PASÁŹE
This meeting was hosted by our organization. We welcomed the representatives of BI neigaliuju centras „Klaipedos lakštuté“ from Lithuania, Kynnys ry (The Threshold association) from Finland and Centrum spotkaň europejskich SWIATOWID from Poland in Banská Bystrica. Our guests were offered a varied programme beginning with an evening theatre performance „The message from another planet“ directed by Šimon Spišák. In the following days, we demonstrated our lectures, presented some organizations operating in Banská Bystrica, such as Odivo theatre, Záhrada- Centre for Independent Culture, and Community Foundation- A healthy city. The programme also included two workshops- a drama workshop, led by an American director Steve Bailey, and a music workshop, led by Anna Tomaštíková and Martin Novák. We closed our international meeting with a trip to Chopok- a mountain in the Low Tatras, which met with a great success.
Last but not least, it is important to say that it was a great pleasure and a wonderful experience to welcome our international friends here in Banská Bystrica.

5th partners meeting: November 18th-22th 2019, Elbląg, Poland

Topic: Art therapy techniques in practice
The host organisation was Centrum spotkaň europejskich ŠWIATOWID
Together with the project partners we visited Elblag, where the host organisation prepared a fruitful program. We have been invited to the Social integration Center and Neighborhood House „Dom pod Cisem“, we saw book shadow theatre „Cyberiada“ and attended music workshop with special music instruments, , dance workshop and art workshop with fusing and stained glass. The last part of the meeting was the gala opening of 13th International Artistic Meeting „Swiatowid“.